5 Reasons Why WellRyde Is a Big Win For Drivers

Posted by ssahay

For many of our transportation providers retaining good drivers and convincing drivers to use technology are two big concerns. Not only has the transportation industry struggled to hire and retain drivers, but also the driver veterans of most companies tend to shy away from technology. So what do your drivers need to know about WellRyde and how switching to our software platform is a win for them?

Less Phone Calls

Less Phone Calls
How often do you call your driver to get an ETA or see where they are each day? Yeah…. We thought so. With WellRyde, when a driver is logged-in the dispatcher has transparency to where the driver is at, calculate an ETA, and see what riders are in the vehicle or yet to be picked up. Your drivers can turn the radio up and enjoy the ride. You have their location and ETA at your fingertips. 


Seamless Trip Execution
Drivers no longer have to wait in the morning for that paper manifest or worry about having a good pen in the van. With a few clicks of a button, and a digital signature from your rider, everything is captured and organized in the WellRyde mobile app. 


Seamless Trip Execution

Instant Trip Updates
Rider cancelled? Trip added? New Address? Any event that happens will be sent to your driver’s WellRyde app as a message and the trips will automatically be updated.
It goes the other way too… If the Driver has a no-show, is running a little late, is in progress to a destination or has completed trips, the dispatcher will have full visibility to the driver’s updates. 


No-service, No-problem
To all those dedicated drivers working in the dead service zones, don’t sweat WellRyde technology. WellRyde will store all of your trip data so you can still complete your trips uninterrupted. 


No-service, No-problem
More fun for everyone

More fun for everyone
Less hassle for drivers, dispatchers, billers and happy riders. Need we say more? Click the link below to schedule a demo and learn more about how WellRyde can help you.


Just a quick note to tell you how WellRyde has changed my operation. Not having to do logs on paper saves time and aggravation. Being able to accurately send last minute jobs to my drivers cuts down on mistakes and miscommunication.
Billing time is cut drastically and in this business, time is money.

Mike Santiano
Bailey’s Transportation
Providence, Rhode Island