Some of the great features

2Grow your

Grow your NEMT Transportation Business with Trip Market

Integrate all your existing work for a seamless, single platform experience and find new trip sources in your area to grow your business

4Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Save time, money and effort by optimizing your trips into a route. Build routes ahead of time based on driver location and availability, then adjust the routes as your day changes. Change the hardest part of your day to the easiest.

1Automatic vehicle

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) for real-time visibility

See all your driver locations directly on a map, search for upcoming trips, answer rider questions quickly, and assign Will Call trips in real-time for a better rider experience

3Reduce no show

Reduce No Shows and Cancellations

Alert your riders with scheduled voice calls for ride reminders that can capture confirmations and cancellations. Increate revenue per mile by reducing no-show cancellations.


Automated Billing – Get Paid FAST

Reduce your entire billing process to a single click of a button. Create contracts, configure rates, and have all your completed trips automatically calculated with billed amount. Billing without the hassle

7Assisted trip

Assisted Trip Planning

Utilizing machine learning and predictive analytics, WellRyde can determine which driver should do each trip. It’s up to you to approve the recommendation

What do our customers think of WellRyde?

“Since implementing WellRyde into our daily operations, it has made dispatching much easier and faster and saves us an immense amount of time and money on billing. Some of our most appreciated features are the speed and ease of assigning and moving trips to and from drivers throughout the day, as well as the reports that aide in the billing process.”

~Angie Seaton, Owner of Show-Me Medical Transportation.

“WellRyde has changed my business dramatically, it’s convenient and saves us time. Having three contracts, I was looking for a software that would not only be easy for me but also my employees and they love it. One of my favorite features is Advanced Billing, all you have to do is setup Contracts and Rates and they are saved for each time you are ready to bill. I also love the quick response time from the customer success team, they are always moving things along quickly allowing us to get back to business.”

~Ladamiya Fletcher, Director Louisiana Region. Ensured Transpo Care LLC.

“WellRyde is very important because it gives us options that we never had before like Trip Planning. It provides us with one platform with all brokers and their rates and contracts for quick assignment and billing. Another one of the cool features we like is the Help Chat, when we need assistance someone helps you right way! Overall WellRyde is very good and since choosing WellRyde, our company has improved on punctuality and efficiency in daily operations.”

~Andy Ferreras, Ferreras Transportation, LLC

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Why WellRyde?

WellRyde is the best NEMT software solution in the industry that efficiently, and effectively transforms your transportation business. Our experience communicating directly with transportation providers led us to create a powerful provider focused, feature rich application that you will find your business can’t live without.

All-in-one solution

  • Build optimized routes to save time and money with Trip Planning
  • Reduce No Shows and last minute cancellations with automated rider call reminders
  • Get paid fast and reduce the manual billing process with Automated Billing
  • Real-time driver visibility and updates with the Automatic Vehicle Locator
  • Grow your business and find more trips with Trip Marketplace

Some things being said about WellRyde

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