#BOUNCEBACK from Covid-19

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4Route Optimization

3 Months FREE when you Start Today

When you signup today, you get WellRyde free for 3 months. We understand that NEMT and people transportation is facing some challenging times. Avail of this offer to get started on the fastest growing dispatch platform trusted by over 1000+ providers

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2Grow your

2Grow your

Grow your NEMT business with Trip Marketplace

Integrate all your existing work into a single platform and grow your business by acquiring more trips through preexisting integrations with all major national and regional NEMT brokers.

Better position

1Automatic vehicle

Better positioned for the Bounce Back

The low NEMT volumes today will result in a marked peak volumes in the near future. Several NEMT brokers/markets are looking at an increased peak. Use this opportunity to position yourself for the perfect Bounce Back. You have greater advantage to connect with Nationwide brokers when you are part of WellRyde Network

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